Dobel Street

A new path?

It was like magnet to steel, young boy to mud puddle, Lindsay Lohan to trouble. I was drawn to the east side of Lakeshore Drive during my walk today, closer to the choppy waters of Lake St. Clair and the lush green grass path alongside it, where the footing is less stable but the view is more spectacular.

It always happens after a vacation. I see more clearly the deep rut I’m in, how I’ve lost my adventurous self. That guy used to put on his running shoes when his U.S. Navy ship pulled into a new port and take off alone on a discovery jog. It’s also the guy who’s conceived and achieved his greatest accomplishments — including the rebuilding and maintaining of Fletcher Field — after leaving his comfort zone.

The urge to walk the path less traveled today was too strong to ignore. Yes, I believe in signs from above.

I feel change coming — something big.  And I’m open to it and eager to see what happens next!

Might it be time to finally write a book about how this all came about and continues on despite the odds?