The Wonder Years

Even now, I find it hard to believe that such an incredibly diverse, dedicated coalition could come together — both on the ground and virtually through social media — to do so much good in a community that many others left for dead.

Heck, some of it doesn’t even seem possible or real anymore.

But there are witnesses — maybe thousands of them by now — who will attest that it all did happen … that Fletcher Field became hallowed ground, where only God Himself could have orchestrated such a thing of beauty and wonder.

For many of us, this past decade was a confirmation of our “wonder years” … a time when we just knew that we’re all part of something greater than ourselves, and that we were at our greatest when we were part of this.

It’s not for me to say it’s all over now, but I’ll admit it’s changed: Our numbers have dwindled; our dedication has diminished somewhat; and the neighborhood surrounding the park has turned into even more of a wasteland.

For all those reasons, we need to get together to mark the 10-year anniversary of our first cleanup/picnic at Fletcher Field. I want to celebrate at the park at least one more time, give thanks to God for making this miracle happen and keeping us safe there throughout the years.

Please join me at Fletcher Field this Sunday at 2 p.m. Bring a dish to pass if you can. Most important, just bring yourself, your memories, your smiles and your hugs. — Michael