After more than 25 years at 13600 Van Dyke — the former Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church — Greater Shield of Faith Baptist Church is leaving the campus. The cost associated with the deteriorating condition of the building has made it impossible for Bishop Jennings and his congregation to remain there any longer. We wish them well and thank them for being tremendous stewards of the church building that means so much to us all.

With their departure comes the sad reality that 13600 Van Dyke is in peril. There’s an unwritten code in the neighborhood that as long as a house or building is occupied — for the most part — it’s left alone. However, an abandoned structure almost immediately becomes prey for scrappers, who will take anything of value, including the beloved stained-glass windows depicting Christ’s time here on earth.

My question to all of you is, do we want to do something about this? It’s going to take some time to come up with a long-term solution – it will likely cost about $600,000 to purchase and restore the building – but we’d like to hire a full-time security guard to protect it for at least the next month, giving us time to find benefactors or a new tenant.

The cost for 24-hour security would be about $10,000 per month. Should I start a go-fund-me-page or just let it be?

The clock is ticking … We need a miracle!