Michael Happy

9th annual Treats 'n Trunks

It’s been a crazy summer at Fletcher Field. For a moment, it actually looked like we might lose the old girl. But that all worked out for the best, and now we’re getting ready for our final event at the park this year. In less than three weeks — Sunday, Oct. 25 — we’ll hold … Continue Reading →

Grill thrill

The final piece of new equipment for the park was installed this week. Can’t wait to grill up some hot dogs for the kids during our Halloween event on Oct. 25.

Amazing Grace

A thank you from Imogene Johnson … How can I say thanks … to God our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit for providing the children of the Fletcher Field community with upgraded and safe play equipment?  All honor, glory and praise to our God!!! As I watched 6-year-old Johnny and  7-year-old … Continue Reading →

What if?

Eight years ago, I was sent back to my childhood neighborhood to report on its condition, which led to this blog, an amazing coalition and a revitalized Fletcher Field. On that July morning of 2007, I met Leon, whose house sits just two doors down from where I grew up at 8271 Dobel. I now … Continue Reading →

Grand day!

Because so many of you cared, the joy and laughter continues at Fletcher Field. IMG_3658.MOV The grand reopening of the park ranks right up there with so many special days we’ve had there over the past eight-plus years.

Back open for business

If you’re interested in seeing the new playscape at Fletcher Field, we’ll be celebrating the grand reopening of the park tomorrow, Saturday, between 2 and 5 p.m. Hope to see you soon!

Happy ending

City of Detroit representatives Brad Dick, Alicia Bradford and Tim Karl met with us at the park Friday afternoon, and I’m happy to report that construction on a new playscape at Fletcher Field commences on Tuesday. The initial plans are attached here: Fletcher field Proposed Play Equipment July 2015 As of now, six pieces of … Continue Reading →

Not adding up

Just reviewing yesterday’s email chain with City of Detroit officials. In response to my email requesting the city stop deconstruction at the park, Alicia C. Bradford, director of the Detroit Recreation Department, said this at 10:53 a.m.: “… We are reviewing information and budget to determine if we will be able to replace equipment.” Brad … Continue Reading →

Now fix it

Exact email from Brad Dick, deputy director of Detroit’s General Service Department: “Michael. As we’ve said we are meeting with folks on Friday. The plan is to move a new and safe play scape to Fletcher Field one that won’t harm children playing on it. Thank you.” We’ll hold him to it …


Friends, I need your help IMMEDIATELY. The City of Detroit, in all its wisdom — and with blight, hopelessness and safety concerns around every corner — is threatening to pull the playground equipment from the park, citing “safety issues,” in essence closing the park. I don’t think they fully understand the amount of people involved … Continue Reading →