Virginia Park

The Virginia Park neighborhood, in Detroit

My name is Stephanie Zerweck, and I am covering Virginia Park in Detroit this semester. Walking from 3rd St. & Philadelphia, around the Virginia Park area, back towards Wayne State campus a few weekends ago, beautiful flowers were everywhere, especially in the community gardens within the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day, and a young … Continue Reading →

Treasure Hunt: DPS marks the spot

Zooming up to the 18th floor in an elevator–likely riding the same brass-fixtured hollows as when the Fisher building was constructed–it becomes clear why men like Black Beard and Jacques Cousteau opted for lives of treasure-hunting and underwater exploration: Journalism was too unstable. The quest for a Detroit Public Schools statement in one, tiny article … Continue Reading →


Walking from 3rd St. & Philadelphia, back towards Wayne State campus, steps followed the concrete road this past weekend from around the Virginia Park area. Flowers–as those within the neighborhood’s community gardens–decorated with their blooms of fuscia, crimson, and white. One young girl played the flute from her front-porch steps, accompanying the floral scene. However, … Continue Reading →