The War of 1812: Bombs over Detroit

By Bill Loomis / Special to The Detroit News In a way, it’s good that almost nobody knows much about the War of 1812. Detroit played a significant role, and it was not the city’s finest hour. Poor leadership, outnumbered and inexperienced troops, limited supplies, a fierce cannon bombardment and the imminent threat of an … Continue Reading →

Descendant of Titanic survivors

A Titanic piece of family history

By Holly Fournier / The Detroit News Detroiter Fred Quick feared his wife and two daughters had died aboard the Titanic. Almost 100 years later, his granddaughter recalled hearing stories of that fateful night when Jane Quick, 32, Winifred, 8, and Phyllis, 4, survived the tragedy on the “unsinkable” ship that foundered April 15, 1912, … Continue Reading →

1912 Detroit News report: '1,241 missing, 868 saved from Titanic; hope of more rescues abandoned'

The following stories were originally published in The Detroit News two days after the Titanic sank.   NO MORE SURVIVORS OF TITANIC ON SHIPS THAT REACHED SCENE   Carpathia, With 868, Will Reach New York Thursday; Further News Expected to Come From Her; 1,241 Missing. MAIN DETAILS OF GREATEAST MARITIME DISASTER IN HISTORY OF WORLD … Continue Reading →

A boy plays under a Christmas tree in 1960

Christmas traditions in Old Detroit: Pigeon pie, horse racing, tapers on trees

By Bill Loomis / Special to The Detroit News Celebrations of Christmas in Detroit over the centuries have been highlighted by feasts and charity, toys and trees — and fires caused by lighted candles on those trees. Although Protestant churches in Detroit did not embrace the Christmas holiday until the 1840s, it was long celebrated … Continue Reading →