Camp Grayling, training National Guard troops for 100 years

By Francis X. Donnelly / The Detroit News Grayling — Unbeknownst to most people, a 100-year war has raged around this small north Michigan city. Not “war” like a dispute, but “war” like tanks, eight-inch howitzers and planes lobbing 500-pound bombs. The fighting takes place at Camp Grayling, the largest National Guard training facility in … Continue Reading →

The Dossin Great Lakes Museum

The Dossin Museum’s recreation of a ship’s bridge gives visitors the illusion of piloting their own Great Lakes vessel. Walter Dossin was a wealthy man who became obsessed with a wealthy man’s sport — powerboat racing. Walter and his brothers Russel and Roy made fortunes from running  Dossin Food Products Co., one of the biggest … Continue Reading →

The Civilian Conservation Corps

CCC members gather in the morning to take orders from their chief before heading off into the forest. The Great Depression caused so much trauma partly because it came so suddenly, quickly turning a period of unprecedented prosperity, optimism and confidence into a discouraging struggle to survive for many Americans. The seemingly invincible U.S. economy … Continue Reading →