Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant

Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant was once the largest in the world

By¬† Gary R. Familian / Special to The Detroit News While it’s fair to say that the federal government and the private sector haven’t always worked effectively together, there have been exceptions. One such collaboration was the famous Willow Run production facility located near Ypsilanti, at which Ford, working with Washington, produced nearly 9,000 B-24’s … Continue Reading →

Detroit's fabulous Michigan Theater

Despite the Michigan Theater’s Marquee boast of “An acre of seats,” it wasn’t enough to accommodate the crowd on opening night in August 1926. On the day that Detroit’s lavish Michigan Theater was born — Aug. 23, 1926 — one of Hollywood’s most lavish screen icons, Rudolph Valentino, died. John H. Kunsky, who built the … Continue Reading →