The breathtaking Mackinac Bridge

The Mackinac Bridge measures 26,444 feet — a little more than five miles. The Mackinac Bridge which straddles the Straits of Mackinac  connecting Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas stands as a monument to man’s ingenuity and determination. Building it took three years, 2,500 men, 85,000 blueprints, 71,300 tons of structural steel, 466,3000 cubic yards of … Continue Reading →

Detroit's Gotham Hotel exuded glamour

Two black businessmen bought the hotel and turned it into a social center for Detroit’s African-Americans. (Courtesy of Detroit Public Library) There was something about Detroit’s Gotham Hotel besides its magnificent fixtures and cream-of-the-crop clientele that set it apart from other first class hotels in the city. It was black-owned. Sitting on the edge of … Continue Reading →

The monuments of Detroit

The best-known downtown monument is the $40,000 sculpture “Spirit of Detroit” by Marshall Fredericks which sits in front of the City-County Building. You pass by them everyday on the way to work, but they’re like furniture, blending into the background, becoming almost invisible. And chances are if you do see them, you have no idea … Continue Reading →