Detroit's Fort Wayne under siege

Cannons still guard the gateway to the old headquarters at Detroit Fort Wayne. After waiting nearly 150 years for an enemy, Detroit’s venerable Fort Wayne on the city’s  southwest side is under heavy assault. Burdock, plantain and thistle are taking a firm grip on its earthworks and gun emplacements. Young mulberry trees and fast-growing tree-of-heaven … Continue Reading →

Detroit's historic Indian Village

Architect Albert Kahn designed this Indian Village Georgian Revival home in 1909 for Hugh and Frances Houser Chalmers. Chalmers was head of the Thomas-Detroit automobile company, later the Chalmers Motor Car Company which eventually became the Chrysler Corp. Indian Village,  a residential gem in the heart of Detroit, represents a unique combination of social and … Continue Reading →

Detroit's historic Fox Theatre

The ornate auditorium has been painstakingly restored to its original glory. When the opening-night curtain rose at Detroit’s Fox Theatre on Sept. 21, 1928, an audience of 5,000 invited guests came to 2211 Woodward Avenue to see what had been billed as a “Temple of Amusement.” They did not go home disappointed. The theater, an … Continue Reading →

Belle Isle's retired ships

The J.T. Wing lies grounded on the Canadian side of Belle Isle at the current site of the Dossin Great Lakes Museum. If you were a kid in Detroit during the 1950s, chances are you replayed scenes from World War II by scrambling down the conning tower of a U.S. Navy submarine parked near the … Continue Reading →

Detroit's fountain of mirth

Belle Isle’s Scott Fountain Was it his last and greatest joke? That was the burning question all over town when Detroit’s most eccentric bachelor, James Scott, died at 79 on March 5, l9l0, bequeathing his $500,000 estate to the city to build a fountain on Belle Isle. No near relatives survived to contest this seemingly … Continue Reading →