Descendant of Titanic survivors

A Titanic piece of family history

By Holly Fournier / The Detroit News Detroiter Fred Quick feared his wife and two daughters had died aboard the Titanic. Almost 100 years later, his granddaughter recalled hearing stories of that fateful night when Jane Quick, 32, Winifred, 8, and Phyllis, 4, survived the tragedy on the “unsinkable” ship that foundered April 15, 1912, … Continue Reading →

Valentine's Card

Valentine's Day history: When Feb. 14 meant tender effusions (but no spooning!)

By Bill Loomis / The Detroit News Saint Valentine’s Day dates back to the fifth century, but the practice of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards began in the 19th century, and quickly caught on. As a writer in Graham’s American Monthly — a popular national magazine of the 19th century — observed in 1849, “Saint Valentine’s … Continue Reading →