How Harry Blackstone brought magic to Michigan

Harry Blackstone, right, pulls the disembodied head of his assistant Betty from a cylinder, much to the amazement of an audience member.       Known variously through the ages as necromancers, wizards, witches, conjurors, medicine men, soothsayers or diviners, these practitioners claimed powers to summon the spirit world, foretelling the future, or reading the … Continue Reading →

The Detroit News in Antarctica

This photo of Lake Bonney in Antarctica was taken by Detroit News science writer Jean Pearson as she accompanied a science expedition in 1969-70. In late 1969  a group that included Detroit News Science writer Jean Pearson and five women scientists took off  for the South Pole on a research mission. It was the first … Continue Reading →

The royals in Detroit

The Prince of Wales, center, with Henry Ford, right, and Edsel Ford at the Edsel Ford estate in 1924. Ever since the Revolutionary War severed our ties with Britain, Americans have been fascinated with British royalty. And whenever  members of the royal family visited Detroit, they were treated like, well, royalty. Usually they would wine … Continue Reading →