Richard Frankensteen, the UAW's 'other guy'

Three Ford security men approach UAW organizers just before the Battle of the Overpass in 1937. The union men are, from left, Robert Kanter, Walter Reuther, Richard Frankensteen and J.J. Kennedy. He’s the “other guy” in the world famous 1937 photograph “Battle of the Overpass.” Beefy, young and confident, he stands grinning, flanked by three … Continue Reading →

Detroit's flamboyant Prophet Jones

Prophet Jones lived in this 54-room French chateau-style mansion at 75 Arden Park. When James Francis Marion Jones was almost two years old  he reportedly told his mother that his daddy would come home bloody.  That evening his father, a railroad brakeman, staggered home, bleeding from the scalp where a hobo whom he had ejected … Continue Reading →

'I Think Mr. Ford is Leaving Us'

Ford’s Fair Lane estate in Dearborn, alongside the Rouge River. He was one of the world’s most powerful men, but the only light in his home on the night that he died came from candles and kerosene lamps. The only heat was provided by logs burning in the fireplaces. The telephones were dead. Swollen from … Continue Reading →