The Detroit Lions' glory days

In a scene that became familiar to Lions fans, Joe Schmidt stops 49ers fullback John Henry Johnson at the goal line in 1956.Johnson later played fullback for the Lions. The 1950s were the “Golden Age” for the Detroit Lions. They dominated the National Football League with three NFL titles, a Western Conference crown, and two … Continue Reading →

Michigan's long history of ski jumping

Wilbert Rasmussen of Negaunee, Mich., practices the ski jump before the 1952 Winter Olympics at Holmenkollen, Norway. Skiing quite possibly is the oldest sport known to man. (Picture a clever caveman tying some old mastodon ribs to his feet and scooting around the mountains.) Since the dawn of history, northern Europeans have looked on skiing … Continue Reading →

Detroit's legends of bowling

In 1905, Frish’s Tigers were the champions of Detroit’s Olympia Bowling League. Standing, from left, are Harry Beaton, John Frish, and Joseph Yergel. Seated, from left, Winfield Ramsey, Joseph Bauer, and Joseph Brichta. The sport of bowling has been with us in one form or another since at least the Middle Ages and probably longer. … Continue Reading →

The Port Huron to Mackinac race

In the 1989 race, the crew of Kip Anderson’s and Ed Smyth’s Margaret Rintoul IV (right) sets their sights on Stripes. Years pass and the tales told over drinks at the yacht club bar become increasingly embellished. The waves in the storm grow to 20 feet, the winds rise to 50 knots and the boat … Continue Reading →