Detroit, the City of Champions

Three Tigers responsible for victory in the 1935 World Series celebrate in the clubhouse after the game. Goose Goslin, center, drove in Mickey Cochrane, left, with the winning run on a bloop single. At right is the winning pitcher, Tommy Bridges. It was the middle of the Great Depression and Detroit was particularly hard hit, … Continue Reading →

When Detroit rode the polo ponies

Polo, the sport of kings Polo has long been viewed as a sport for kings, aristrocrats and the very rich, despite the game’s savage origins.  According to legend, the game springs from the  Mongol invaders’ habit of batting around the decapitated heads of  vanquished enemies while on horseback. It can be presumed that this had … Continue Reading →

The glorious Wings of old

Sydney Howe (no relation to Gordie) is carried off the ice on the shoulders of his teammates after he scored a record 6 goals in one game Feb. 3, 1944. On April 14, 1955, Detroit Red Wings goalie Terry Sawchuk held off the Montreal Canadiens, playing without their star, Maurice (Rocket) Richard, who had been … Continue Reading →

The golden days of Golden Gloves

Residents of Manistique Ave. between Korte and Scripps turn out to watch neighborhood kids in Golden Gloves preliminary bouts on a warm late summer evening in 1939. The Detroit News obituary page of Nov. 5. 1997,  noted the deaths of two elderly Detroit men, each a stranger to the other but each with a common … Continue Reading →