Hundreds of Corvette owners gather to party, feed the hungry

Hundreds of Corvette owns have gathered at the Radisson Hotel in Bloomfield Hills to show their love of America’s premier muscle car and to also help feed the hungry.

For at least the fourth straight year, Corvettes on Woodward has brought in Vette lovers from all over the state, U.S. and the world. And in turn, they brought food donations which will be turned over to various food banks in Metro Detroit.

Among the international travelers I met at the show this year are Swedes Sven Erik and his buddy, Kenneth Rooslund, from Falun, Sweden.

This is the second trip to the event for Erik and five for Rooslund.

“Vettes are very popular in Sweden,” said Rooslund, 52. “They’re the American muscle dream car.”

Tom Greenwood
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