Larry Edsall

Larry Edsall

Larry Edsall is a Phoenix-based freelance writer. You can reach him at

Old Car Festival shows off early auto touring

DEARBORN — Today, people traveling in motor homes can park for the night at most Walmart stores. But what about those who hit the roads a century or so ago, back before big box stores, in fact, before there were formal campgrounds? “It’s perfectly fitting that we’re parked here next to Scotch Settlement School,” said … Continue Reading →

Motor Muster shows how car design evolves

DEARBORN — At the annual Motor Muster at Greenfield Village, cars are parked in chronological order, from the 1933 model year right up through the 1976 model year, a cutoff date chosen in honor of the American bicentennial.

Mecum auctions still challenge classic big boys

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Dana Mecum was a teenager when he started working in his father’s small town Buick/Pontiac dealership in northern Illinois. But before his own 23rd birthday, Mecum had opened his own used car dealership, specializing in exciting-to-drive Chevrolet Corvettes, Camaros and Chevelles.