Day 51: False praise, feisty scrap mark star's testimony

Derrick Miller flashed his first signs of emotion Thursday while being questioned by Kwame Kilpatrick’s lawyer and describing a bathroom payoff to the former Detroit mayor. The government’s star witness refused to concede minor points, angrily spit out answers to one question, quarreled with the attorney over historic events and quibbled over the meaning of … Continue Reading →

Day 49: Paranoia, payoffs mark star's Kilpatrick testimony

The government’s star witness injected fresh drama into the Kwame Kilpatrick corruption trial Monday, describing cash payoffs to the former Detroit mayor and steering work to defendant Bobby Ferguson. Derrick Miller, the longtime Kilpatrick pal and former aide, spent almost four hours on the witness stand describing the inner workings of what prosecutors labeled a … Continue Reading →

Day 48: Bulging jeans, bank accounts, racial slurs

Jurors watched video Friday of an FBI agent smuggling $90,000 through airport security in a test aimed at combating defense claims about a Kilpatrick bagman. The video was a highlight of testimony Friday, which also featured racially charged text messages sent between contractor  Bobby Ferguson and his co-defendant in the City Hall corruption trial, ex-Mayor … Continue Reading →

Day 47: Gambling, losing and shafting the IRS

Bernard Kilpatrick reaped millions during his son’s tenure, was a heavy-duty gambler and a tax cheat, according to testimony Thursday in the City Hall corruption trial. The trial returned from a 12-day Christmas break with a detailed examination of Kilpatrick’s finances and spending habits, which included big bills at an area liquor shop and gambling … Continue Reading →

Day 45: Defense grills Ferguson insider over extortion claims

Defense lawyers tried chipping away at a government witness Thursday who testified about extortion claims and alleged strong-arm tactics involving ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and close friend Bobby Ferguson. Ferguson’s lawyer caught witness Bernard Parker in one lie, quoted a powerful businessman’s unsavory view of Parker and accused him of lavishing pricey gifts on city officials. … Continue Reading →

Day 44: Ferguson insider recounts threats, profanity, a $12,000 check

A politically-connected business consultant spent more than three hours Wednesday testifying about alleged extortion demands made by contractor Bobby Ferguson. The testimony from Bernard Parker III marked a profane and dramatic shift in the trial back to Detroit Water and Sewerage Department deals allegedly corrupted by Ferguson and his close pal, ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Bernard … Continue Reading →

Day 43: Jurors hear about shopping sprees, insider deals

Jurors viewed potentially damaging text messages Tuesday indicating contractor Bobby Ferguson had inside information about a $7 million city deal thanks to Kwame Kilpatrick’s mistress Christine Beatty. Texts dominated a day focused on Ferguson, the ex-mayor’s close pal and co-defendant, who allegedly bought expensive suits for a high-ranking official in the Detroit Parks and  Recreation … Continue Reading →

Photo of Kwame Kilpatrick heading to court

Day 42: Pricey suits, threats, payoffs alleged in Kilpatrick case

Jurors on Monday heard how a city agency stocked with relatives, friends and close associates of Kwame Kilpatrick awarded a $7 million deal to the mayor’s pal Bobby Ferguson despite low scores during the bidding process. Prosecutors on Monday also questioned a Southfield custom-suit maker about the mayor’s expensive tastes in hand-made suits, which allegedly … Continue Reading →