Cunningham faces harsh questions from defense attorney

Marc Andre Cunningham can expect a tough cross examination after telling jurors how he kicked back thousands of dollars from a shady pension deal to Bernard Kilpatrick.

For his help getting a $30 million investment from the pension funds for a communications firm, Cunningham got a $300,000 contract. He said he was told to give Bernard Kilpatrick a chunk of that money and paid him thousands of dollars in cash during clandestine meetings.

But in opening statements, Kilpatrick’s defense attorney, John Shea, warned jurors about Cunningham, saying heĀ  “was dirty to begin with.”

Shea, left

Shea, left

Cunningham agreed to a plea bargain with prosecutors, admitting to a single count of conspiracy to commit bribery. The fraternity brother of Kwame Kilpatrick faces up to 37 months in prison, though that could be lowered if he provides “substantial” assistance to prosecutors in Kilpatrick’s case.

Mike Wilkinson
Mike has been a reporter at The Detroit News since 2006.