Cunningham: Kilpatrick a 'great mayor'

Marc Andre Cunningham pivoted from government witness to Kwame Kilpatrick fanboy on cross examination, extolling the virtues of Kilpatrick’s six years as mayor.

Former Kilpatrick aide Marc Andre Cunningham

Former Kilpatrick aide Marc Andre Cunningham

“I thought he was a great mayor, in terms of …getting the city back on track,” he told James C. Thomas, Kwame Kilpatrick’s attorney.

Both Cunningham and his wife went to work for the Kilpatrick administration in 2005 and 2006 and he said the “spirit” of the city was rising.

“We had programs in place that were really making a difference,” he said. “You can’t really say anything negative” about what he actually¬† he did for the city.
“The things he accomplished for the city were incredible,” he said. “The lights were working, things were getting done, cops were on the street.”

Cunningham has also said he kicked back thousands of dollars to the mayor’s father, Bernard, for help in securing a $30 million investment from the two Detroit pension funds. He also said he played a role in having the administration switch phones to limit access to text messages.

Mike Wilkinson
Mike has been a reporter at The Detroit News since 2006.