Detroit contractor can't recall how many city projects he lost to Bobby Ferguson

A Detroit contractor, who said he felt Bobby Ferguson had used his ties to Kwame Kilpatrick to block his company’s ability to get work, could not recall any contracts that his company bid on after the two men had a dispute.



Odell Jones III of Jomar Construction told Ferguson defense attorney Gerald Evelyn he could not remember specific city projects that Jomar had gone after and lost.
Evelyn pressured Jones to identify projects that Jomar felt it lost, and Jones said his company had a list of contracts won and lost but could not identify any individual contract. When Evelyn ask if he could recall how many contracts were “lost,” Jones said he didn’t know.
“There’s no way I could tell you that,” Jones said.
On Wednesday, Jones had criticized the quality of Ferguson’s work at the Book Cadillac hotel renovations and his work at a Detroit public school. Text messages were shown in which Ferguson and Kilpatrick appeared to mock Jones’ attempts to get help from Kilpatrick’s mother.

Mike Wilkinson

Mike has been a reporter at The Detroit News since 2006.