Jurors to hear secretly recorded conversations with Kilpatrick

Bernard Kilpatrick leaves federal court Aug. 8.

Prosecutors are poised to play secretly recorded conversations involving a businessman allegedly extorted by Kwame Kilpatrick and his father.

According to the City Hall corruption indictment, Cobo Center contractor Karl Kado wore hidden listening devices during conversations with the mayor’s father, Bernard Kilpatrick.

One conversation, listed in the indictment, portrays Bernard Kilpatrick as trying to grab a piece of the contractor’s lucrative deals at the downtown Detroit convention center.

The indictment alleges Bernard Kilpatrick unsuccessfully tried to shake down Kado in March 2008.

“When Kado declined to pay BERNARD KILPATRICK, BERNARD KILPATRICK warned him that it would take Kado two years to be reimbursed by the City otherwise, saying, “You don’t even wanna pay me, huh? … It would take you two years to go through lawyers to get your money, man.”

Robert Snell
Robert Snell is the Detroit News federal courts reporter. He can be reached at rsnell@detnews.com or (313) 222-2028.