Kado confused, has poor recall, Kilpatrick's attorney says

kadoKarl Kado was suffering from poor recall and may have been confused when he testified against former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, attorney James C. Thomas said this morning.

Thomas said Kado, who said he gave Kilpatrick and his father thousands of dollars to keep or expand his contracts at Cobo Center, had told the government he was having trouble recalling events. Yet prosecutors still had him testify, Thomas said.

At one point in his testimony, he said he knew he paid a bribe because there was 8 inches of snow on the ground. Turns out that was in August, and Thomas said there hasn’t been 8 inches of snow on the ground in Michigan in August since the Ice Age.

“I know Karl Kado’s old but he’s not that old,” Thomas said. “This man is a confused person.”

From the time prosecutors first reached out to Kado in 2005 and told him he was under investigation until the trial, he met with prosecutors and agents 12 times and had 50 phone calls.

Thomas claimed the “sole reason” there were so many conversations was to “mold the testimony you heard.”

Mike Wilkinson
Mike has been a reporter at The Detroit News since 2006.