Kilpatrick defense gets crack at unraveling fed witness

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, left, walks with Bobby Ferguson as abandoned homes are torn down in Detroit in 2002.

Stay tuned to see how the defense combats testimony from a city employee who directly accused ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick of steering water department deals to his friend Bobby Ferguson.

Will they blame the dead guy? There’s plenty in this case.

Perhaps Kilpatrick’s lawyer will tear at a small hole in city employee Kim Harris’ testimony.

Harris testified Thursday his boss, the late Gerard Grant Phillips, ordered him to hamstring one of Ferguson’s rival bidders.

Harris balked.

Phillips insisted, telling his underling “the mayor wants it to happen,” according to Harris’ testimony.

Then, Harris wobbled.

That might not have been his boss’ exact words.

“Something similar to ‘the mayor wants it done,'” Harris said.

Robert Snell
Robert Snell is the Detroit News federal courts reporter. He can be reached at or (313) 222-2028.