Kilpatrick paid restitution one day after pastor's $2k gift

Kwame Kilpatrick

Kwame Kilpatrick

Kwame Kilpatrick made his $500 restitution payment in December one day after pocketing a $2,000 gift from a Chicago pastor, The News has learned.

The detail emerged Tuesday amid fallout from an undisclosed gift that could end up with Kilpatrick being punished by state prison officials.

The state Corrections Department told The News that Kilpatrick collected a $2,000 wire transfer payment at a Chesterfield Township Walmart on Dec. 11.

The next day, Kilpatrick made a $500 restitution payment, according to Wayne County Circuit Court records.

Kilpatrick failed to disclose the gift from Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks and the state is mulling possible punishment. Kilpatrick is required to report gifts because the money could be applied toward the $855,000 restitution the former mayor owes Detroit stemming from the text-message scandal.

Robert Snell
Robert Snell is the Detroit News federal courts reporter. He can be reached at or (313) 222-2028.