Kilpatrick scared #@$% out of FBI informant

Bernard Kilpatrick

Bernard Kilpatrick

FBI informant James R. Rosendall Jr. scrambled on March 5, 2008, after Bernard Kilpatrick held up five fingers during a meeting — a sign he was demanding a $5,000 payoff.

Rosendall was working with FBI agents, who were secretly recording the meeting outside Kilpatrick’s condo.

The Synagro Technologies Inc. businessman couldn’t wait for the FBI to come up with money quickly so he drove to a bank and withdrew $2,500 — a partial payment for Kilpatrick helping Synagro land a $1.2 billion sludge-hauling contract.

James R. Rosendall Jr.

James R. Rosendall Jr.

“I could react faster than they could,” Rosendall testified Friday.

Prosecutors played the video for jurors Friday. In it, Bernard Kilpatrick, dressed in a black King Tut sweater, is shown accepting $2,500 cash from Rosendall.

The payment came after Kilpatrick allegedly threatened to blow up the Synagro deal unless he was properly compensated.

“You scared the s— out of me,” Rosendall said.

“I was pissed,” Kilpatrick said on the videotape. “I could have him…not blow it up, but do what you can to stop it for a year, stop it for two years.”

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Bullotta stopped the tape.

“Who was him?” Bullotta asked Rosendall.

“The mayor,” Rosendall testified.

Rosendall testified he gave Kilpatrick another $2,500 during an April 2008 meeting at a pancake restaurant in Southfield.

Rosendall was sentenced to 11 months in federal prison after striking a plea deal based, in part, on payments to Kilpatrick. He was released in May 2011.

Robert Snell
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