Separated at birth: Bernard Parker III and Forrest Gump?

Bernard Parker III has spent two days testifying in the Kwame Kilpatrick public corruption trial and his history with the case has been uncanny, much like the mythical life of one Forrest Gump, who found himself at the crossroads of history over and over during the 1994 film.


* once worked for the city human rights division, which prosecutors allege played a role in steering a contract to Kilpatrick friend and co-defendant Bobby Ferguson.

* Was a consultant to Walbridge Aldinger, helping it get work from the city. Prosecutors allege Kilpatrick and Ferguson worked to extort millions from the company.

* Was a consultant to Insituform, which, working through Inland Waters Pollution Control, was allegedly forced to steer work to Ferguson.

* And after working for both of those firms, Parker then teamed up with Ferguson himself.

Oh, and since he left Ferguson, he started his own firm BP3 and Associates. Working alongside him? April Edgar, his wife. Loyal trial watchers will remember her:  She’s Christine Beatty’s half-sister and she spent a good amount of time on the same witness stand detailing how Kilpatrick ordered her to write numerous checks from his nonprofit for hotels, airfare and payouts to Bernard Kilpatrick, his father and co-defendant.

As for Edgar, after she stopped working for the city, she too landed a gig at Ferguson’s Xcel Construction.

Mike Wilkinson
Mike has been a reporter at The Detroit News since 2006.