Bombshell witness set to testify against Kilpatrick, dad

Karl Kado

Jurors will soon hear from one of the most important government witnesses who helped bring charges against ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and send 10 corruption figures to prison.

Former Cobo Center contractor Karl Kado could testify as early as today about paying $360,000 in bribes to Kilptrick, his father and a City Hall aide . He paid bribes to two former Cobo directors while holding exclusive electrical, janitorial and retail contracts there, along with a share of the catering business.

He also provided what federal agents have said was significant help, leading to at least 10 convictions so far.

In exchange, Kado avoided prison.

He was sentenced to three years’ probation, after pleading guilty to filing false income tax returns.

Kado is expected to testify about cash payments delivered to Kilpatrick through a mayoral aide.

Prosecutors say former Kilpatrick aide Derrick Miller obtained $10,000 in cash from Kado.

Bernard Kilpatrick sits behind his son during Kwame’s sentencing on state charges in 2008.

Miller, in turn, delivered the cash to Kilpatrick, according to the indictment.

Kado’s testimony could hurt Kilpatrick and his father.

From the indictment:

In and between about 2002 and 2005, BERNARD KILPATRICK obtained a number of cash payments totaling at least $250,000 from Kado knowing that, in return, Kado expected to receive favorable treatment from the City on contracts Kado sought or held at Cobo Hall. The payments included a single cash payment of $100,000 in 2005.

The indictment alleges Bernard Kilpatrick unsuccessfully tried to shake down Kado in March 2008.

When Kado declined to pay BERNARD KlLPATRICK, BERNARD KILPATRICK warned him that it would take Kado two years to be reimbursed by the City otherwise, saying, “You don’t even wanna pay me, huh? … It would take you two years to go through lawyers to get your money, man.”

Robert Snell
Robert Snell is the Detroit News federal courts reporter. He can be reached at or (313) 222-2028.