State weighing possible Kilpatrick punishment over $2k gift

Kwame Kilpatrick

Kwame Kilpatrick

The state Department of Corrections is mulling potential punishment for Kwame Kilpatrick because he failed to report a $2,000 gift from a Chicago pastor, The News has learned.

Kilpatrick is required to report gifts as a condition of his parole, because the money could be used toward satisfying the $855,062 in restitution the former mayor owes the city. But Kilpatrick did not disclose it to state prison officials last month, prisons spokesman Russ Marlan said Tuesday.

“We haven’t imposed a sanction yet as we’re still investigating the details surrounding this transaction,” Marlan wrote in an email to The News on Tuesday.

News of the gift emerged late Monday.

Kilpatrick sent a letter to supporters last month asking for money, saying his family was broke and needed money around the holidays, according to a Chicago TV station.

Santa brought Kilpatrick's kids gifts that included new shoes and keyboard.

Santa brought Kilpatrick’s kids gifts that included new shoes and keyboard.

Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks wired $2,000 to Kilpatrick in early December. The former Detroit mayor traveled all the way to a Walmart in Chesterfield Township to pick up the money Dec. 11, Marlan told The News.

Afterward, Kilpatrick posted photos on Facebook showing his family opening Christmas presents in front of a towering Christmas tree and posted comments about a  lavish spread cooked by his wife Carlita.

Kilpatrick Tweeted his thanks last night.

This could be the second time in recent weeks that Kilpatrick has violated parole conditions imposed following the text-message scandal.

Kilpatrick’s parole agent barred him from traveling to Texas last month because he made a late $500 restitution payment to the city. Kilpatrick also failed to prove he was performing community service each month.

Robert Snell
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