Go ahead and dance Detroit, right into bankruptcy court

There’s no better reason to vote against repealling the Emergency Manager law than the fact that when the state Supreme Court ruled today the measure should go on the November ballot, Detroit Councilwoman JoAnn Watson led her staff in a raucus conga line through City Hall.
If Watson is for it, voters who support good government should be against it.
She and her ilk of big spending, unaccountable politicians are why Detroit and so many other cities and school districts around the state are facing insolvency.
This will be a fascinating campaign.
If the issue is cast as public employee unions trying to shield themselves from reforms that save the taxpayers money and improve services, then Public Act 4 will be upheld. There’s not much love for greedy public employee unions in this state.
But if the Emergency Manager law is somehow seen as a bail-out of Detroit and other poorly run governments, then voters might toss the law.
Either way, Detroit and its problems will be at the center of a statewide election, and that’s not a good thing.
It’s not clear whether the court’s ruling will temporarily suspend Detroit’s consent agreement with the state. If it does, payless paydays are ahead for city workers.
Wonder if Watson will still be shimmying down the hallways when that happens?