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All American Falcon supercar debuts from Holly, Michigan

Sitting next to a Ferrari 458 Italia at the exclusive MGM Grand Gallery exhibition for luxury car buyers was the newest entry into the exotic car arena, the $225,000 Falcon F7 made right here in Michigan.

The gauges of the the Falcon F7 are seen. (Brandy Baker / The Detroit News)

Built in Holly entirely of carbon fiber and powered by a GM LS7 V-8 with 620 hp, the Falcon F7 is good for a 190mph top speed and 0-60mph in the low three second range.

“We are an American-built supercar,” said Falcon sales manager, Jason Verbrugghe. “We are doing our bit to assist in the recovery of the Detroit auto industry.”

Verbrugghe said one Falcon has been delivered to a customer and he was expecting two more deposits on the car, which takes 60 days to build.

“We are making an extremely high performance race car so we feel comfortable in the company of Ferrari,” added Verbrugghe.

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John McCormick
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