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Engines start roaring at 6:52 p.m.; Rahal head to pit lane; rain drops start

We’re just seconds away from the race restart. There will be two laps at the start, followed by a 13-lap shootout. We have a double-file restart. Graham Rahal, of the No. 38 Service Central Honda, could get his car going for the restart. His crew members went to go get him a new steering wheel. He moved his car back into the pit lane. Rain starts coming at 6:56 p.m. Fans are starting to cover themselves. Kudos to all these fans for staying put. This is wild, absolutely wild.

Eric Lacy
Eric Lacy, from Lansing, Mich., is an nine-year veteran of The Detroit News, a 14-time marathon runner, a 2001 graduate of Michigan State University and volunteer for Mission of Hope Haiti and Detroit's Dominican Literacy Center. He lives in downtown Detroit and encourages people to follow him on Twitter @EricLacy .