Woodward Dream Cruise

GM treasures at Dream Cruise

For more than two decades, Greg Wallace has been discovering, collecting and stashing away historic and future General Motors keepsakes.
I stopped this morning on my way to the Cruise at the GM Heritage Center, a not-open-to-the-public facility in a nondescript industrial park not far from the GM Technical Center in Warren.
The place is packed with vehicles and other artifacts that you’ve seen in books. But many of the most memorable are on display today out along Woodward.
Wallace is curator of the collection that includes more than 600 vehicles and uncounted documents, models, works of art and artifacts like the first heart/lung machine used to aid doctors in heart surgeries in the early 1950s. It was designed by GM engineers.
“As bad as the bankruptcy was for us, it actually gave me a chance to walk through every factory that was closing to discover new artifacts,” Wallace said pointing to a painting over his desk.
He found the painting of WWII gunners celebrating a victory with a gun made in the now shuttered GM Stamping plant near Grand Rapids.
“There’s been a lot of mystery in our work because the center isn’t open to the public, but more than 20,000 invited guests come through here every year and some our best stuff is out on Woodward right now.”

Doug Guthrie
Doug Guthrie is The Detroit News car critic. He covered motor sports before switching to news, where he wrote about crime, courts, government and politics. Now, he combines his experience as a reporter with his passion for cars to tell you about the latest creations.