This is your child's brain on summer vacation. Any questions?

Those who know me personally are well aware that my mantra is, “I am an exceptional mom 80 percent of the time. The other 20 percent is highly debatable.”

Many of my shortcomings (yes, there are many) seem to revolve around summer vacation.

I knew I was in trouble when we finally took the 2nd grade spelling words off of the refrigerator, and my 7-year-old couldn’t remember which way a “b” or a “d” went. Mind you, this is my son that scored off the charts on his IQ test.

During the school year, my kids work really, really hard. My amazing children are well aware that Mommy gets a little bit “crazy” when it comes to academics. They know all too well, that if they are capable of getting an “A,” they darn well better get an “A.” Luckily, they have been blessed with amazing teachers who have given them a top notch education.

Which is why, when summer rolls around, we have a tendency to take a long hiatus from school work. Even summer reading takes a back seat to frog catching, Nerf wars, and swimming. We do not have bed times, we eat breakfast at noon, and there are days that we stay in our pajamas until dinner.

I cringe to think of a commercial that says, “This is your child’s brain in school. This is your child’s brain on summer vacation. Any questions?”

So, I would like to take this opportunity in advance, to officially apologize to my children’s teachers. I know you sent my children back to me both disciplined and well-educated and for this I am grateful.

But I now send them back to you with a “summer brain” and a ton of fun stories that I’m sure they will be eager to write about in their school journal.

As we move forward, I promise to get them back on track. Starting Tuesday, we will once again impose strict bedtimes, feed them a healthy breakfast, and all homework will be turned in on time.

We will surely mourn the loss of our care-free summer days.

To all of the amazing teachers out there, I bow to you, I applaud you, and I thank you! Because of your hard work and dedication, we have had one heck of a summer!

Deborah Zupancic
Deborah Zupancic of Bloomfield Hills is a freelance writer and blogger in the Metro-Detroit area. She is the wife of (16) years to Jeff and the mother of three boys, Jacob (15), Nicholas (12) and Andrew (8). Deborah is passionate about parenting and helping new mothers understand that it truly is the hardest job on earth and that they are not alone on their journey. She recently published her first gift book entitled "You're Going to be a Grandma," which celebrates the true essence of becoming a Grandma. http://bit.ly/TheGrandmaGiftBook