Tuesday's tips: Getting rid of tough stains and odors naturally

Cleaning up bloody noses, vomit, urine, and poop are just a few of the perks of parenthood. And unfortunately, they end up on the most unfavorable places, like the back seat of your car, on your sofa cushions, splashed across your comforter and even on your favorite new shirt. In the past, I simply threw out the soiled items, because in spite of the arsenal of cleaning supplies on hand, some stains and odors just never disappeared. Plus, I’m always hesitant to use harsh chemicals on things that come in close contact with my children and my pets.

But a few years ago, when my aging dog was getting sick in the house often, I was introduced to an amazing product called Nature’s Miracle Stain & Odor Remover.

This product really is a miracle. I use it not only for pet mishaps, but for all of my children’s unexpected expulsions. It has saved my furniture, my car, my floor and even my clothes from an early demise.

Instead of harsh chemicals, or perfumes, it utilizes the same naturally occurring enzymes that nature uses to rid the earth of its organic debris. I love that it is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-caustic and non-acidic. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised at how great it works on other organic stains and odors caused by food, grease, dirt, grass, smoke, and perspiration. It has become a staple in my laundry room as much as my cleaning closet.

Unfortunately, you won’t find it in the cleaning aisle of your grocery store. I have only found it at pet stores or the pet supply areas, but luckily it is sold in large containers, eliminating the need to replace it too often. We keep a couple of spray bottles on hand for quick clean-ups and a jugful for refilling.  Just recently I was reminded of its strength, when my youngest daughter woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible bloody nose. Blood was all over her pillow case, soaked through to her pillow, her pajamas and her favorite stuffed animal. I wiped up everything I could, then generously sprayed everything with blood on it and left it in the laundry room. The next morning, everything was but a faint hue of brown, and after a quick wash in the machine, all traces of blood were gone, even the pillow.


Emily Okaty Wilson
Emily Okaty Wilson is a freelance writer and blogger. Her writing style is conversational, from the heart and sometimes funny, focusing on being a wife, mother, and craft addict. As a self proclaimed procrastinator, she ran her first half marathon at age 40, proving that it's never too late to live the life you imagined. Some of her work has been featured in MomSense Magazine, The Livingston Parent Journal and BlogHer. Her blog is called My Pajama Days, where she documents everything from personal struggles with depression to talking to her kids about sex.