The hunt for the right bra and finding the right fit

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve actually been measured for a bra. During my 20s, my typical bra shopping method consisted of grabbing the size I was currently wearing and maybe a size bigger or smaller depending. I’d end up getting whichever of the two seemed to fit better.We all know from the infamous Oprah episode though that most of us are walking around wearing the wrong size. Busy moms rarely take the time to get themselves in to see the doctor, much less spend a few extra minutes at the lingerie boutique to have their measurements taken. That would simply defy the most basic rules of power shopping.

With motherhood, however, come serious reasons that call for a properly fitting bra. During pregnancy, the bras you were previously wearing all of the sudden become a little (or a lot) too small. So you either need to get new bras or at least extenders to get you through until, if you choose to nurse, the introduction of the highly attractive nursing bra. Let’s be honest: at that point, you just need to get a job done. I was able to find those very easily at Target, which was great.

When I was done with the nursing bras, I took some “me time” (otherwise known as the occasional lunch hour where I actually was able to escape from the office) and went to Nordstrom. On some level, I may have also made this choice based on Oprah’s recommendation from the aforementioned episode, during which she had featured the Nordstrom lingerie department. The helpful associate took my measurements and helped me narrow the selection down to some options to try on that could work for me. And like that, I left with two new bras that fit really well.

It’s amazing what a difference wearing properly fitting undergarments can make in the way you carry yourself. Your clothes lay more nicely over them. You just feel better.

If you’re about due for some fresh new intimate apparel and are still wondering when you’ll have time to do some serious bra shopping, check out this useful guide from the experts at Nordstrom. That way, if you have no choice but to grab that 2-pack of Calvin Klein bras on your next Costco trip, you’ll at least be able to pick up the right style and size for you!

What’s your go-to place to stock up on intimate apparel? Share with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Mervit Sam
Writer, editor, foodie, marketing professional, mom. Mervit Sam loves to provide fresh insights and commentary on all things related to motherhood. Born and raised in metro Detroit, Sam enjoys urban living with her husband and their three year old daughter in Ferndale. Her work has been published in venues that include Ferndale Patch, Ambassador Magazine, Style The Magazine, Real Detroit Weekly and The Chaldean News. One of her favorite mantras is, "It's the everyday that matters most."