Michigan's changing seasons offer a lesson in embracing the moment

I love this time of year. The bright, beautiful colors of the changing leaves against a gray sky almost seem to glow. I indulge in pumpkin spice flavored baked goods, coffee drinks, and beer.  I look forward to taking the kids to the different cider mills so we can savor fresh, hot donuts and wash them down with crisp, delicious cider. With all these wonderful seasonal delights comes the cool, brisk air which is just perfect for cozying up with my favorite sweater at the bus stop.

However, the dip in temperature always brings complaints of the cold Michigan winters that inevitably come next.  I understand the discontent: the snow and ice make it difficult to get around which can lead to a serious case of cabin fever. People lament how much they miss summer. That is, of course, until the summer becomes unbearably hot and humid.  It seems there is always a reason to complain that it’s either too hot or too cold here in Michigan.  At almost 35, I realize I was constantly irritable due to the weather.

Since I will not be moving to a location where it’s 70 degrees and sunny year round, I have decided to change my attitude regarding the weather and my mood.  I have decided to find the beauty of each season and teach my kids to focus on the joy that each unique time of year has to offer.  I am deciding to focus on the gorgeous color changes and the fun of Halloween instead of fearing the cold and battling allergies.  Instead of dreading a snow storm, I am going to put on my snow pants and play with my children and then cuddle with them under our big, fuzzy brown blanket and drinks mugs of creamy hot chocolate.

It’s easy to let the weather dictate your mood, especially when sunshine becomes a rarity.  I remember one gray winter in which I spent so much time on the couch that it went from cozy and cuddly to hiding and huddling.  But I want to teach my kids to find the magic of the moment instead of reacting negatively to something they can’t control or dreading what is coming next.  I can’t think of a better teacher than the ever-changing weather and seasons of Michigan.

How do you feel about the weather and season changes?  Do you often let the weather dictate your mood?

Erin Rawlings
Erin is a former junior high English teacher who thought she’d teach and have babies.  End. Of. Story. Erin is a stay-at-home mom to her six year old daughter and three year old son and lives in Macomb Township with her family. Erin’s journey took an unexpected turn when she began blogging and rediscovered her love for writing while connecting with others. Mommyonthespot.blogspot.com documents all her on-the-spot observations on life and motherhood.