Beat cabin fever with fun, family activities

I truly enjoy the four seasons, especially when the weather is true to the season. Although we’ve had some oddly warm days this winter, we’ve also had enough snow to truly call this a Michigan winter. I want to be able to go outside and play in the snow with my 3-year-old daughter. She absolutely … Continue Reading →

Michigan's changing seasons offer a lesson in embracing the moment

I love this time of year. The bright, beautiful colors of the changing leaves against a gray sky almost seem to glow. I indulge in pumpkin spice flavored baked goods, coffee drinks, and beer.  I look forward to taking the kids to the different cider mills so we can savor fresh, hot donuts and wash … Continue Reading →

Visit to Lake Huron unleashes wave of gratitude

As a kid, my family and I traveled a lot. We visited Disney World, Mexico, and Spain. We journeyed to both East and West coasts, even taking a train all the way to California. But I never really explored Michigan until I was in my twenties. My extended family has owned a charming cottage in … Continue Reading →