Moving and the Slow, Spontaneous Summer

It’s been awhile since I posted here. In addition to the typical frantic end of the school year antics, we were moving.  If someone were to tell me how difficult moving is, I would never have believed them. My whole perspective of time is off. Everything is a blur of brown boxes and packing tape. … Continue Reading →

Tuesday's tips: How to nourish your vacations

Recently my family got to spend a wonderful week together with my in-laws, brother-in-law and cousins. It was like a mini-family reunion. The location was unfamiliar to all of us, which made the planner side of me both excited and anxious. When vacationing with large groups of people, I think one of the hardest things … Continue Reading →

Tuesday's tips: Taking the stress out of packing

Without fail, I become overly frazzled about packing for a trip. Sometimes the anxiety is so high that I start losing my excitement about the vacation altogether. The root of my insanity? Packing. The nagging feeling that I will forget something seems to be all consuming, especially when it comes to my kids. The last … Continue Reading →