The takeover of Detroit is all but done

The governor of Michigan has put in place some of his best known and best qualified people to hand him the city. I don’t think the new panel will decide to make an outsider the emergency manger of the city. That will cause too much stress in the city and bring the radicals of the city back to power.

Every city taken over has been one with a majority black population and black political administration. Inkster, Benton Harbor, Flint and Pontiac are the cities taken over by emergency managers. To take over is to take down all elected officials, to void all union contracts, to suspend or eliminate all city pension funds and to privatize all city services.

Now that is real takeover.

The Republicans are doing what they can to take back every city that has a liberal or left-wing agenda. In the state of Michigan Republicans have turned back laws favoring same sex marriage and or benefits for same sex couples and all laws favoring the decriminalization of marijuana. And the cities that are most liberal have majority black population and administrations.

Detroit will not be put in the hands of an outsider, but the Fiscal Review Panel will give Detroit Mayor Dave Bing the power of emergency manager. That is why they were appointed.