Troy Transit Center Approved?

Resolution from Council Members Slater and Fleming for Approval of MDOT Sub-Contract for the Final Design of the Troy Multi-Modal Transit Facility…Approved. And while the City Council attempted to stop the process, you could already see statements of “looking forward” from the opposition, because as soon as it is marginally successful (and also cheap to operate with no crime), they’ll start taking credit for it, because they did it cheaply.

It’s a sad sight to see, that local government worked every year before this one, and now, it’s just the same old politicking as usual. The core of this vote was nothing but micromanagement of a project. Seems disingenuous as well of “Free-Market” beliefs, since the anti-transit folks want to control what contractors do for a living, and already know about contingency funds (a strange point from one member of the Council).

If you’ve ever built something, things can cost more or less as time progresses. The budget itself is a budget, not a flat rate. Yet, at the end of this meeting (I have decided to dial it in and watch on cable), we see the real opposition isn’t from spending or debt-money, but how to control the entire process from start to finish. 21 public comments to come now. Best part is the first public comment guy who is wearing a giant USA flag jacket. Epic Epicness and slaps in the face…Mako out.

*Added Comment:  To the public comments guy who threw down on the approval, the mafia banks and trombones… I owe you a beer.  Best comment ever.  Props, sir.  I don’t agree, but an amazing speech. *