Stream Of Consciousness Of The State

The State of the State speech is on. This is a stream-of-consciousness blog, typing until the speech ends, and what I see and hear is pretty much unedited. Enjoy.

Lots of clapping, as Governor Snyder introduces Michigan 3.0. Unemployment is now 9.3%, in no small part due to advanced changes and business climate. But also, the rescue of GM and Chrysler-Fiat ain’t so small either.

Now the question is if the billion-dollar Michigan Business Tax goes for the gold, and outpaces the rest of the US in growth. This is the year to see differences in the “new direction” we’ve selected for the state. Crime is a big issue, up early in the speech, and no doubt the restructuring of Detroit’s finances will play a key role in the future of our state.

Gov. Snyder digs the resurgence of Detroit’s auto industry, offers kudos to the farmers, and again, lots of clapping.

Few partisan stand-ups so far. The Michigan Supreme Court is stuffed lower stage left, unfortunately, like a last-minute scalped ticket for the show. Maybe there’s some hidden meaning there.  Michigan is about to go bananas for Asian business, as Gov. Snyder announces a junket to the Far East. As is tradition, Governors of Michigan get to go to Asia, rather than just inviting Asian leaders to Michigan and eating at Big Boy (hmm, that’s a thought).

Education, Senior abuse, obesity, and military VA efforts fill the middle portion of the speech, and now we’re into the real changes upcoming for 2012. Roads are the big issue, and we’re about to embark on a new way to build and fund roads. It’ll be interesting to see how many hands go into that hearing process.  It’s hard to undo a generation of schemes.

Next up, the MDOT. Bridges are yet to be mentioned, and high-speed transit gets a good boost, something we should consider in Troy, Detroit, and other places who get crabby about real infrastructure spending.

Unemployment returns, with a new website, Pure Michigan Talent Connect. is a new site designed to help reduce unemployment by focusing on certain and specific trades, and to be honest, a good idea for targeting job pools.  Though it’s a bit much for using “Pure Michigan” for everything so far.  It dilutes the brand.  Pure Michigan Sewage Treatment may be next…

What’s kind of surprising is the amount of positive comments 30 minutes into the speech.  It’s much less partisan, focused on the future, and almost every bullet point in Gov. Snyder’s speech has a real person attached to it.  And he’s spending a good bit of time talking about his own personal policy, of improving foster kids’ lives.  Anti-Bully laws also reveal Gov. Snyder’s nerd motif, a real person behind his vision.

And now, the good stuff.  The NITC and Detroit’s lack of money.

“It’s not a bridge issue.  It’s a jobs issue…Let’s not let special interests hold back a great opportunity for job creation.”

Matty probably still has the taste of powdered eggs in his mouth.

Gov. Snyder then moves to the real reasons for the Big D’s demise.  Population is a huge part of the problem (clear deference to not anger unions), and a re-definition of “financial emergency”, something the hard-left is winning on rhetoric.  The real question is how Detroit reacts, not just from Mayor Bing’s office, but the City Council’s actions to accept the necessary help they need to fix their problems.  After all, when your condo is getting foreclosed, you don’t agree to cuts in pay…right?

Detroit’s growth is the only way out, according to the Governor, and I have to agree.  But while he avoids blaming Detroit to be positive, he leaves a big blank question mark.  And that’s probably a challenge for Detroit’s leaders to step up and accept their fate.

The Governor hits on regulatory reform, and cracks wise about toilet seats.  He then begins his summation with a strong line about not being big government or small government…but good government.

I’m impressed with the lack of partisan catcalling.  Even as Gov. Snyder’s been given a full-majority, he never loses touch with staying upbeat for the entire state.  But many problems remain unannounced.  Positive is good, but quietly ignoring big decisions like redistricting…reveals a second side to the Governor’s Administration.

The redistricting of our districts, gerrymandering our population for GOP control is a big black eye on our face.  And for a kid that was bullied, and complains of division…He should’ve apologized for what he did to our districts, a real bully for his party.

His positive track is worth a lot of words.  And his dedication shows he’s not shy from acting on his role as Governor.  I still support his overall goal for business improvement, his focus on fixing legacy problems in Detroit, and hints of a mentoring project that really works.

But again, it’s not a perfect world.  I’ve got a few sticking points for his term, but I won’t stoop to one issue detracting from the effort of one nerd to another.  But Detroit can undo everything positive Snyder has done.  It’s the real referendum of our future.  Mako out.