A few facts to ponder during the process of selection

Tonight, yet another Republican candidate debate has taken place.  And while the mainstream media and Democrats salivate over the latest Republican battle royale, here are a few fun facts to ponder and not lose sight of as to why the selection process is so important:

Since January 20, 2009 (Obama’s Inauguration Day) –

  • On average, the government has spent $6.6 million every minute – most of it borrowed money.
  • The debt is rising 4.2 billion dollars a day.
  • The government has spent more than $9.6 trillion in 1,000 days, which is about 60% more than the revenues it took in.
  • The Gross National Product has fallen 9%. Industrial production has plunged 30%.
  • The National Debt sits at over $15 trillion, up $4.2 trillion just since Obama took office.
  • The national debt is now at 98.2% of GNP. Our debt now exceeds the GDP.
  • For the last three years we have spent $4.2 billion more than we take in – every day.
  • Over 2.2 million jobs have been lost. 4.5 million people have been unemployed for more than one year; the jobless are now out of work an average of 40 weeks – twice as long as they were before Obama took office.
  • The only real jobs gain have been in the government sector – 140,000 jobs that add nothing to the economy.
  • 12 million more people are on food stamps, and 3 million more Americans live in poverty than when Obama took office.
  • There have been 4 million bankruptcies and 2.4 million foreclosed homes.
  • Gas prices are up over 80% – and we have yet to feel the effects of the Keystone pipeline permit rejection.
  • Health insurance premiums are up 13% and the full effects of Obamacare have not yet been realized.
  • Electric bills up an average of $300 a year.
  • Seventeen of Obama’s most senior economic advisers have quit.
  • This president has racked up as much debt in the last 1,000 days as did all the presidents in the nation’s first 218 years.

Yeah, this upcoming election is kind of a big deal.  I’m hoping Republicans choose wisely.

Glenn Gogoleski
On a quest to share the virtues of capitalism, entrepreneurship, laissez-faire economics and personal responsibility to those that will listen. On top of being an avid sledhead, Glenn enjoys fine cigars, 2nd amendment rights (while he still has them), and the circus-like spectacle that is modern politics.