Conservatives' election-time concerns

The most amazing thing about the conservatives in my circle is that they have what I call election-time concerns that are not mentioned until election time. One is abortion. It is a hot topic during the election cycle, but at all other times my black conservative friends aren’t talking about abortion. But when their conservative candidates bring up abortions and poor people not having a right to choose, you get an ear full.

The reason the candidates bring up the abortion matter in the black community is to have black religious zealot types cry foul on the candidates that are pro choice. They claim it is about saving life, but the same people are for war anytime, anywhere. Save the babies that are unwanted and kill the people that you don’t want.

I don’t get it.

Abortion is killing and war is killing.

The real issue is not abortion; people will always have them, legal or illegal. It is how will poor women pay for it is what concerns the conservatives. Bringing a child into the world and denying health care and education to that child is a strange kind of love. That child is born to suffer and cause many around them to suffer. Killing a man or woman in a foreign country is no different from killing a baby before it is born.

Gay marriage is another conservative election issue that wins some religious-type blacks for the Republican side. I have friends that are hoping that Rick Santorum can win the nomination over out-of-touch capitalist Mitt Romney and the racist Newt Gingrich because he is the family values man. Santorum is strong on gay marriage, but the same Rick Santorum will bomb Iran for wanting weapons like the United States already has, and he would have America go back to Iraq and will never have it come out of Afghanistan where it is killing people that he has never seem.

He is willing to murder, but not tolerate two people calling what they have marriage. It is not what you call something that makes it what it is. If there is no mutual concern for the welfare of the person you marry, it is not a marriage, no matter the sex of the couple.