The Emperor's Appeasement

Bad news for the president.  That little contraception controversy forcing Catholic employers to pay for birth control just doesn’t want to go away quickly and quietly.  Obama should have listened to the advice of his VP.  Yep, Joe Biden proved that even a stopped clock is right twice a day, and warned Obama of a political firestorm.

And now, in damage control mode, our benevolent “we don’t need no stinkin’ constitution” dictator-in-chief is throwing an election year bone to those pesky Catholics with all of their – you know, beliefs and stuff – and it doesn’t seem to be going over as well as mandated planned.  Looks like the Roman Catholic Bishops have rejected the pat-on-the-head compromise made by the president.

The president just can’t get a break.  Arguments from either side of this issue don’t do any favors to his election year image.

As for those arguments from the left, the extreme hypocrisy of calling for keeping religion out of the issue utilizing the old “separation of church and state” argument would be comical, if it weren’t so void of any intellectual merit.  Apparently, in the mind of your average liberal/statist/progressive/Marxist, religion should never rear its head in government policy, but the inverse seems to be just fine and dandy.  Who cares about religious beliefs?  The government needs to do this.  Don’t people realize it’s for their own good?

Cries of a “war waged on women and their reproductive rights” are another argument that insults the intelligence of those who think.  There is a tremendous leap in liberal/statist/progressive/Marxist logic (the kind of leap that only they can make) that claims it is cheaper for an employer to provide insurance for contraception than pay for insurance for an unwanted pregnancy.   Across the board, that may be true, especially with those at the low end of the socio-economic scale. But this little theory is falsely applied, and assumes that a woman who is employed with the benefit of health insurance from a Catholic employer will find it impossible to acquire birth control outside of insurance, and can’t possibly be smart or responsible enough for any action leading up to and including procreation.  Liberals have so little faith in their fellow man…uh, oops…personkind.

As for inane leaps of leftist logic, my personal favorite is the idea that if we simply had a single payer government system in this country, this would not be an issue.  Employers wouldn’t be forced to pay anything.  Instead, it would be paid for by the self-replicating pile of cash protected by unicorns in DC.  Problem solved.

This political conundrum for the president goes far beyond the issues being discussed in the media.  It extends far beyond any of the surface arguments by either Catholic employers or women’s health issues.  It even moves past the argument for constitutionally guaranteed free exercise of religion.

This is not about restricting access to contraception.  No one is telling women they can’t get contraception – access should always be available to all women.  This isn’t about insurance costs or the cost of contraception.  This is about what can be shoved down the throat of a religious employer that has a fundamental, philosophical difference as to what must be provided to an employee.  This is about the government telling employers what they will pay for regardless of their constitutional right to not support it.  This is about stretching the boundaries of government interference.  This is about silencing any moral objections to government control.  It is about making the constitution irrelevant because it has the nasty little affect of getting in the way of statism.  And like good lemmings, the liberal/statist/progressive/Marxist types will have no trouble marching in lockstep to enforce the emperor’s orders.