Advertisers are leaving, but Rush Limbaugh is still there, why?

Rush Limbaugh is still on the air after his outrageous, nefarious reaction to the testimony of a young college student. Limbaugh made it personal and slanderous. He went on to instruct the young lady on her next move, telling her to make sex videos for all to watch her having sex. He called her a whore and a future porn star.

But he is still on the radio. I don’t understand this after the cowboy hat-wearing announcer Don Imus was put off the radio for much less. Dan Fagan had to go and was subjected to legal action. Thaddeus Matthews had to go again and again, so why is Limbaugh still on the air?

Imus has called Rush a pill-popping pinhead for his incendiary attack. Sandra Fluke of Georgetown University was not allowed to testify to the Republicans, but when Limbaugh heard she had testified to Congress, he attacked her character and personhood.

Rush should be rushed of the air. More advertisers are dropping their ads every day and we pray that the show dies for lack of sponsors.