Can Detroit live?

Detroit is dying fast; schools, police and fire protection and the museums are all on life support. Detroiters may wake up any morning and be told there is no more police department. The city is moving to a volunteer system. The cuts and layoffs of firemen and policemen have cost the city more than any social tool can measure. The people working as firemen and policemen feel let down by the city they love and put their lives on the line for it daily.

The fighting between a dying state and a dying city does no good for the spirit of the people that love Detroit and want to stay here. Daily, good citizens and productive people move across the country or across Eight Mile. The people that are moving downtown in the lofts and hotel apartments are not the kind of people that will do anything for the neighborhoods, not even visit.

Detroit can take the next step and declare bankruptcy and come back as a small city that ends at the river but starts at Grand Boulevard. Interstate 96 and 375 will be the limits for east and west.

Or Detroit can look to cities like Cleveland; Ohio; Gary Ind.; and Baltimore, Md., and do some of the things done by those cities that made people want to live in them again.

Take race out of the politics and elect people based on their track record for getting things done. Take the red tape rules that run away developers and take homebuyers out of the system and make renewal the easiest thing to do, not the hardest.