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The senseless slaughter in Aurora, Colorado

I admit my first thought when I heard the news this morning was, this maniac has to be a Rush Limbaugh fan. In my defense, Rushbo had just come off a three day run of bellowing that the film was some kind of secret Manchurian plot to help President Obama take over the world. Or something like that. I wasn’t the only one who jumped to that conclusion.

I watched the media circus unfold as it always does. It starts with bad information in the mad rush to be first for five minutes or less. Then the breathless updates that basically say they don’t really know anything yet. Eventually the police statements start filtering out. We probably won’t know the whole story for weeks.

Meanwhile inflamed emotional responses surge through the social nets as everyone struggles to deal with an unexpected horror. That too follows a predictable course. Gun control versus gun rights people. Left versus right. City dwellers versus country folk. It’s a natural human reaction. When confronted with insane bloodshed of such great magnitude, we want a reason for it. We want something, someone, to blame. And we don’t want it to be us.

But we have a ridiculously higher gun related death rate compared to the rest of the first world nations. We are all to blame, because we never have this conversation until some epic murder spree like this happens. May the friends and families of the victims, and the survivors of Aurora, find comfort and peace of mind. My heart breaks for them.

Libby Spencer
Libby Spencer is a social media maven whose political commentary has been published on a wide variety of websites including a rather short lived guest blog at Fox News. She has been practicing her particular brand of punditry at the Detroit News Politics blog since April 2004.