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Romney's miserable foreign policy tour: Part Three

Mr. Romney’s European tour of glaring errors is finally over. It ended as it began, with a communications meltdown. Apparently, team Romney’s nerves were a bit frayed by the end of this fisaco and Romney’s press aide cursed out the press because they had the nerve to shout out questions as Romney was leaving an event.

But his traveling press secretary was furious.

“Kiss my ass; this is a holy site for the Polish people,” said aide Rick Gorka. “Show some respect.”

Gorka then told a reporter to “shove it.”

Gorka subsequently called a pair of reporters to apologize, saying he lost his cool.

“It was inappropriate,” Gorka said.

In terms of symbolism, I can’t think of a more appropriate way this tour could have ended. Furthermore, the press was entirely justified in shouting out the questions. As Kasie Hunt tweeted: “Romney trip by the numbers: Three foreign countries, and three questions from the traveling press.”

Mr. Romney virtually shut out the U.S. media who were traveling with him. Those three questions were allowed on the first day. And as for respecting the venue, they waited until Romney had left the site and was almost to his car before they shouted out.

Remarkably, the far right opinion makers were applauding Gorka for sticking it to those “disrespectul” press people. These would be the same opinion makers who applauded one of their own far right press pass holders for interrupting the President of the United States before he finished making an official statement on important policy. When it was one of them disrespecting the highest office holder in our nation, they were all about excusing that breach of decorum because their guy was “just doing his job.” Heck of a double standard.

But the larger issue is this trip was supposed to establish Mr. Romney’s foreign policy creds. Yet he spent the better part of it doing mere photo-ops and big money fundraisers with extremely limited U.S. press access. So like everything else about Mr. Romney, from his tax returns to his specific policy prescriptions, everything is a big fat secret. So the question still remains, what is Mr. Romney hiding?

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Libby Spencer
Libby Spencer is a social media maven whose political commentary has been published on a wide variety of websites including a rather short lived guest blog at Fox News. She has been practicing her particular brand of punditry at the Detroit News Politics blog since April 2004.