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Famous posthoumous Mormon baptisms

I find it very odd that the Mormon Church baptizes people without their permission, after they’re dead. I had no idea posthoumous baptisim was such a common practice nor that so many thousands have been subjected to this peculiar form of Mormon salvation. Including a fair number of very famous people.

Elvis was baptized eight times but at least there was some chance he might have been interested in joining their church. That doesn’t appear to be the case for the rest of the famous people on this list that include President Obama’s mother, Anne Frank, Princess Di and Hitler. Yes, that Adolph Hitler. Have to give the Mormons some points for optimism on that one. I’m pretty sure Hitler’s soul is beyond saving.

Apparently, they do multiple baptisms after death for some people to make sure they have plenty of opportunities to accept the conversion from the grave. Anne Frank was baptized at least nine times despite protests from Holocaust victims asking the church to stop messing with the afterlife of their deceased loved ones. To be fair the Mormon church bigwigs negated the last one because it happened after they promised to stop doing it. [More at the link]

Of course, I have no intention of joining myself but since Mitt Romney is was a Bishop in the Mormon Church, and he’s running to be our president, thinking it’s useful to learn more about it.

Update: I’m told in comments that Mr. Romney is no longer a Bishop as this is generally only a five year calling. In checking I’ve discovered he was also a Stake President in the church. As luck would have it this article, authored by a documentary film maker and a practicing Mormon, was just posted to the internet. I join the authors in wishing Mr. Romney would answer these questions about his faith.

Libby Spencer
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